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Gala in stage lighting design and techniques

In the TV shows we see everyday, most of the special effects are done by "light", "light", so to speak is to complete a series of technical conditions of the most important means. From the point of view of live television, both technically and still live on the effect of cannot leave the "light", it is the important source of television and other visual arts. There is no "light", TV will lose a lot of beautiful and charming stage effect. This paper makes a variety show on TV in the evening in the stage lighting design and technique are discussed and analyzed. In TV shows, of course, lighting art and not simply make light meet with the normal use of the camera, also is not simple only technology can satisfy the, more is not simply the use of light to reflect the shape of the image. Light, on the other hand, has the very important status in the TV show, lighting designers need to use the light to make art and design, and by using the light lens on the drawing and shaping of the image, this is the main task of the lighting designer. I work in the lighting design has more than ten years, this article mainly take years of work experience theory and experience to share with you. 
Shaanxi TV station is a provincial television station, at the early stage of development, shooting a large gala often because the studio condition is not enough, need venue rental studio. This needs to build some temporary stage, hanging lighting equipment, in the years of work, I learn a lot of things, because, television stations for the purpose of each performance is very outstanding, also need to be in accordance with the theme of the show to the requirement of lighting to create and design. In many years of work, lighting design can be tightly close to the party theme, highlight the stage effect, caused a strong reaction, many times by the relevant leaders and director, creative staff of high praise. 
1 the stage lighting design considerations 
Now TV production level of ascension, along with our country for performance, camera, a director, lighting, sound, and so on various type of work with the request is also more and more high, so to speak, a good party is the result of the collective effort of the party staff. Stage lighting design is very important, of course, a television variety show form is varied, have a plenty of a large variety of song and dance party, have a plenty of small song fans, there are magnificent, lyrical self-help, therefore, as a lighting designer, you need to firmly grasp the theme of the whole party, in particular, about the stage lighting design to do the following. 
1.1 the main effect is the position of the lamp 
Our TV computer limited effect lights, how will these limited computer effect lights play a biggest role, is that we need to consider. First, you need to meet the requirements of the camera, every camera needs a "light" fulcrum. Our television daily taping is commonly used 4 cameras, no. 1 and no. 3 is in front of cross of filming, 2 camera is mainly for large and small panoramic photography, 4 is a rocker arm. Shooting, 1, 3 cameras lens usage of the biggest, so, should meet the two cameras can shoot to stand, and I put the two click behind after two Angle of oblique above the stage, almost close to bottom after the act of turning, keep a safe distance from the bottom screen. Each point is equipped with 6 PCS color lamp, divided into two row, left and right sides each equipped with a row of sandwiched color changer again grouped bobbin lights do this extension point. So, 1, 3, the top of the camera is no longer empty, almost every lens color is rich, full picture. 2 cameras fulcrum of selected in the final to the central stage, in the last two in the middle of the light pole for the fulcrum to extend both sides, the last line of the suspended from 16 sandwiched color changer bobbin lamp, the name of the second rod hanging the rest 6 color lamp, four scan light points on the four rows of clamp the color changer clearance of 2000 w lamp backlighting, so, no. 2 camera widening view or push small panoramic, three points behind will cooperate with lens, give it a happy picture. 4 rocker fulcrum generally choose a picture on it, usually on the theme of the party or representative scenery, the effect of light or point light hit several effects for the rocker to choose from. To do this is to use existing lamps and lanterns, the maximum possible to meet the needs of the camera lens, colleagues say out of the picture than the site look good, maybe, this is our "opportunistic". 
1.2 the height of the light pole 
Big show scenes are great, the number of starring actor also many, the whole party's content is very rich, so you have some special request for the height of the light pole, specific needs light pole height from the forward, after rising in turn. 
1.3 highlight the theme 
Some time in watching TV often change the channel, feel suddenly shows good, but feel the body is not obvious, look in this way, it will not be able to attract the audience. So, in the lighting design, needs to be outstanding theme. Generally speaking, in the party will have a consistent with the theme of the party's important symbol, the effect of using lighting design, the logo is outstanding, often can use fixed point lights or current lamp. In addition, in the back of the stage and some landscape plants can be put on both sides of the position, foil theme, plus some lamplight ornament, the effect will be better. 
1.4 the use of color is light 
Color is the mood of the program. Program at the time of orgasm, showing warm, in the low tide of distress, when celebrating showed joy, at the time of departure of sad, and so on, these are all can perfect display in the show, and these show, requires the use of color is light, rendering the atmosphere of the whole stage. In general, the color of the backlight use white light, use the character's hair edge and shoulders the outline of the outline of characters; Then add the right atmosphere at around the light. With dark sky blue or green when the foundation is light, out of the scene in a clean, depth of field, and not lack of haze of artistic conception. Problems at the same time, consider the camera Angle, without destroying the overall effect of early stage, especially from the Angle of camera to increase the light, the position is designed for the camera, shooting out of the picture is more wonderful. 
2 light colors and show emotions 
With the change of light color, to adjust the program, so that it can make ideal effect of television. Actually, lighting design, although a lot of knowledge theory, but more skills is needed in the long practice. Of course, there are a lot of stage need to create a special effect: to obtain the best smoke effect is light, but can't see the smoke; In the evening show, by using inverse and light than the light, can very good show the atmosphere of the party lights. 

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