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The stage lighting can better foil atmosphere

Lights actually have the function of expression, in fact, only a few people go to the movies, most of people are direct look at play, or are watching the man that has grade is directly play, because play more can reflect a person's accomplishment and the actor's performance capability, let the stage equipment and everybody said the light use. 
1, we use lights on the stage, will let the stage atmosphere more good, after all, we at the time of performance is to see his show atmosphere, so the light is very important. 
2, in fact, the light can help us to better our feelings, because the performance of it is very difficult, so we at the time of performance is to choose an other way. 
3, then there is the light can make us more clear to see the actor's performance, so whatever the stage we are there will be a lot of use of lamplight, why is this. 
Everyone knows the meaning of the different colors represent different, so we are decorating the stage lights is better, it is the good choice, so if we want to have a good performance result will use his light color. 
Whether it's in the TV or direct on stage in front of an audience, the role of lighting is very huge, we can't direct to ignore it because he is humble, we can consider our lights can help us to solve the problem, made a comparison, please let us if we want to express the things very accurate draws on a prop, and lighting is the best props, because of the different colors we can show different meanings, so if we use the light of what I wanted to express in words will be very simple. 

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