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The lights of the entertainment places

Stage lighting is also called "stage lighting", is one of the stage art modelling methods. Stage lighting equipment used for stage is essential, along with the development of the plot, with light color according to the environment and its change, apply colours to a drawing atmosphere, highlight the central character and create stage space feeling, sense of time, portray the external image of the stage, and provide the necessary lighting effects, etc. Stage lighting contains roughly what then? 
One, the basic effect of light 
In order to let the audience see the stage, see clearly show. First, a basic lighting for the whole stage. This basic lighting including uniform white light and light illumination. The white light of the basic lighting is a must, but the intensity of illumination requirement is not high, especially in some occasions, enjoy many or some performances of orgasm, or some special performance (such as magic), basic white light is particularly important. Basic color is the atmosphere of the whole stage light. Decide the tone for the whole lighting effects, or enthusiasm is bold and unrestrained, or romance, or sibilant table melancholy. On the choice of lamps and lanterns and light in front of the stage to the stage, should choose the spotlight, colored light is obtained by adding color filters, colour shoulds not be too deep, on the roof of the stage, and the back of the stage (backlight) general use spotlight, also available to shoot the light beam, the direction of the light cast on reward from behind, brightness can be brighter, color also can choose some relatively thick. 
Second, the basic effect of the lamp 
Is composed of directional beam type lamps and lanterns, have the model of three dimensional space aesthetic feeling, color variety, style can be made of stage lighting engineers combination, change at will. 
Three, special effect lights 
Amount due to its superior performance and protean effect, therefore, is the best special effects of lamps and lanterns. But the amount of price is quite expensive, therefore must under the premise of guarantee basic light and effect is being considered. At the same time, due to the use amount, can relatively reduce the number of basic effect lights. The lamps and lanterns, light machinery because its function is a single, fixed, will feel that they are not good control, but with less. 
Four, the characters, light 
Group show, the lighting of large area is solved by basic white light. Local lighting, lighting of the host, follow spot solved, so it's best to 2 to 3 sets follow spot, to cope with different situations. Team or other relatively fixed performers, available to shoot the light beam fixed point light. 
Five, the lighting console 
The above all sorts of lights are needed to control the brightness. Generally adopts thyristor device control. When choosing the lighting console, appropriate chooses the effect function of strong, controllable goes back more than console the types of products, easy to operate. Economic permits, had better choose the computer console. 
Six, background light 
Dance halls of the background as the different and change, the performer changes every time because of beauty or programs. Ambient light is to put the background content appropriate stand out, make them merge into performance, foil theme, common background lights with awning lights, curtain lights, lamp light beam, etc. 

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