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The stage lighting industry market development trend forecas

Modern stage lighting designers put forward a new management concept of stage lights, where more than one function effect of different digital lighting equipment, such as digital dimming silicon box, digital color changer, light, color changer light effect of computer, digital machine, bubble machine, connected by a digital dimming control, a lighting engineer to control. DMX512 signal transmission system has been proved that the idea is feasible. Second, the world's first no one set of stage lighting control system, this system to fill the domestic blank, now provides the international leading. System consists of electronic audio recognition system, the lights of the song program control database and the timeline of editing software, supplement each other between the parts to be short of one cannot. Use is very convenient, optional songs on demand, the system immediately identify music melody, and adjust the corresponding types of corresponding lights to cooperate, and adjust the lighting drums flashing. 
The neon technology 
Relevant technical staff developed a remote installation of neon transformer, through the transfer of a copper core BV of withstand voltage 500 v power supply cord, transformer may be installed in dozens of meters or hundreds of metres distance tubes. The greatest characteristic of this technology, there are two: one, the transformer can be install to facilitate monitoring in the background, in one thousand the neon transformer malfunction, can change in a short time; Second, when one thousand a bright lamp fails, other lamp can light up. Using this technique, the application of neon lights on the stage to get a higher security. 
The high frequency electrodeless lamp technology 
Previous high frequency electrodeless lamp coupler in bulb cavity body heat is too big, cause the power of light cannot be higher than 165 w. 2.65 MHz oscillation frequency, electromagnetic compatibility index difficult to pass; Electrodeless lamp life of more than 60000 hours in theory, but the life of electrolytic capacitor has restricted the whole lamp. And now, already can be changed by electrodeless lamp power supply, using magnetic filter components to suppress and eliminate the conducted interference, abandon the use of electrolytic capacitors and other methods to overcome the above problems, make electrodeless lamp breakthrough development bottleneck, an important step to the higher realms. 
The stage lighting industry development trend prediction 
Along with our country culture career improving increasingly prosperous and domestic manufacturer of technology innovation and development, China's lighting industry vigorous development. According to incomplete statistics, the domestic lighting manufacturers have more than three hundred, mainly in guangdong area, accounts for about 70% of the country's total - 80%. In August of 2011, China entertainment technology association in guangdong province has carried out in the field of professional lighting technical report. Experts generally believe that the domestic lighting enterprises development quickly in recent years, in the number of lamps and lanterns variety, performance, function, manufacturing process, quality level, and made much progress in such aspects as detection means, but there are also some enterprises product function orientation is not clear, such as blind production concern. 
(a) lack of consciousness of intellectual property rights Price advantage no longer apparent 
Professional lighting technical barriers is low. 
Its main components are amount, can be assembled according to customer requirements. Technology and foreign lighting technology flat, so a few years ago in China lighting exports thanks to sufficient labor cheap, cheap and good raw materials. But with the acceleration of world economic integration development, we will inevitably face the international technical barriers, product patent protection, the problem such as perfecting the challenge of market rules, it would have been to some weak r&d technology and self by mimicking the copied, even development will be difficult, the standardization of lighting industry, has its own intellectual property rights, core technology, national brand competition has become one of the most urgent topics inline. 
On the other hand, after the financial crisis, inflation fell, stage lighting industry price advantage is no longer apparent. Raw material prices, rising labor costs, make the production costs have risen by about 20%, but in the case of costs rose 20%, the product selling price is difficult to achieve 20% growth. The bright light on the one hand, forcing the export-oriented enterprises from the labor-intensive to technology-intensive and knowledge-intensive. Exporting countries also face some adjustments. 
(2) the corporate environmental responsibility consciously stage of "green" put forward new requirements to the LED 
State and even the whole society to the attention of environmental protection, making more and more enterprises into the tide of low carbon environmental protection, they on the one hand, improving equipment, improve production management, reduce resource waste, lift the light product quality and stability. On the other hand, the use of high power LED light source to replace the original bulb, and LED lighting products in line with the stage of technical research. 
LED as a green light source with high efficiency, energy saving, safety and the advantages of the perfect deduce at an organic whole. But as a stage lighting sound stage lighting function and performance is the most important. LED in these areas there are still some problems need to overcome. LED the life of calibration is 50000 hours, can use to demarcate life lamps and lanterns is very rare, processing is not good light will decay very fast. Different from general lighting lamps and lanterns light fixed distribution, stage lamps and lanterns of light is variable, and can be adjusted, reflected in the distribution of light intensity, light spot on the shape and color. Also have good color rendering, suitable and stable color temperature, good consistency, etc. 
Because the time is not long in the field of LED into the stage lights, only users of stage lighting and a small number of manufacturers, in the past focus more focused on the white part, and the relevant measurement data for the colourful is not involved, is not a unified standard. 
In the luminosity measuring instrument, LED performance is not very well. Stage light with the light of lamps and lanterns parameter measurement is not enough, must have the subjective evaluation, have the experience of lighting engineers have a subjective evaluation on photosynthetic efficiency, including uniformity, light on the edge of the color difference and deformation of imaging index. Applications in the LED stage light effect, the need to obey the arrangement of juicers, make technical service for effect, this is the stage for a special occasion LED put forward new requirements. 
(3) the lights on enterprise master product application technology combination of technology and art trend 
With the progress of science and development, light is no longer just lighting effect. Both theatre stage lighting and all kinds of display or outdoor performance of stage lighting, earth-shaking changes have taken place in the stage lighting design and operation has gradually shift from pure technical work for the combination of technology and art work. 
Computer software about lighting design will continue to develop, will eventually allow designers in a completely artistic mode of "interaction" to dominate his "vision" technology. Now lighting software to provide designers with only design, painting and the assistance of the paperwork. The future design of the software will be able to use "touch screen" and "voice recognition" function. The stage lighting system is already under way of intelligent control. 
And stage lighting technology development stage is the enterprise keeps abreast of the growth of the product application technology, some large domestic enterprises have been involved in lighting product application experience in related engineering. 
They can according to the requirements of different scenarios to design stage lights, special equipment and the control effects of monitoring system, which has transcended the pure the products for sale in the old way of thinking. Choose to complete a party together with YanChuFang lighting design scheme, design ideas, and to give service technical support has become the process of enterprise for bidding and another bargaining chip to force other than the product. That, of course, on the strength of the enterprise is a big test, not only requires stable and reliable quality of products, also for design, site operators of high quality request. 
(4) stage lighting comprehensive digital era Computer lighting market demand will be increased year by year 
With the rapid development of digital technology in all walks of life, professional stage lighting field will also be gradually into a comprehensive digital era. Of the current domestic large outdoor performances, such as square party, solo concert of large and medium-sized and large and medium-sized indoor stage (including studio) used in professional lighting equipment, all the tone light platform, the amount of control, computer, digital silicon box in the light, color changer light, follow spot color changer, laser, etc., the vast majority are adopted digital control. 
At present, the amount of technology is in the midst of the digital and network era, users in the security, stability, extensibility and use convenience the demand is increasing day by day, portable, multi-functional and intelligent, providing information management of integration has become the user's pursuit and choice. In the studio or venues can put all of the lighting control equipment operation workstation and controlled through the network devices connected together. Using TCP/IP Ethernet network technology, or using TCP/IP Ethernet and DMX control technology of combining the traditional way, to control the lighting system. 
Network of lamps and lanterns, network, automatic control equipment, network management software, more nets, sound and light alarm system synchronization technology at home and abroad, such as the recent the successful application of some big project brings new opportunities for the professional lighting enterprise. Domestic demand for professional computer lighting market, still showed a trend of increased year by year. 
(5) holographic projection technology will be the future stage "darling" 
With the development of science and technology, consumer demands for visualization of ascension. Holographic projection technology strong sense of space and the perspective is the technique of the most fascinating place. It is expected to be beyond the ultimate display of 3 d technology solutions. Except in stereoscopic film, TV, display, bars and KTV entertainment applications, such as holographic projection technology also can be in microscopy, interferometry, projection lithography, military reconnaissance, surveillance and underwater detection and so on social various aspects, its development prospect is very considerable. 
Throughout history stage, the success of stage shows incorporate with the progress of science and technology. Human transition from an era of the phonograph record, the radio to the MV, television and the Internet age, stage of today's technology, has been able to, through the method of mix, let people could not be together with the real actors, it's all thanks to the magic of science and technology. Holographic projection technology to the traditional technique of stage, sound and light, and give people dream stereo feeling, just as the widely application of the LED display on the stage, it will become the next few years the light stage tech "new favorite". 
(6) of the high-end technology research and development behind the international level university-enterprise cooperation channels into talent introduction 
Stage lighting technology threshold is low, want to enter the field and not too strong technical requirements. In China engaged in stage lighting research and development of enterprises are mostly small and medium-sized enterprise, at present most of the companies are doing or stay in imitation, did not grasp the core technology. Current popular as a trend and the LED technology is also originated from abroad, the core technology, process and related rules are controlled by foreign enterprises, have very strict technical barriers and patent cross agreement, Chinese companies to develop related technologies need a lot of manpower, material and resources, not the core technology in the hand is the weakness of Chinese professional lighting enterprise. Chinese companies now do more or pursue the international first-class manufacturers, they are the rules, and Chinese companies just participants. 

To change this plight, first of all have to grab from fundamental "talent". The good news is that many enterprises have begun to attach importance to the introduction of technical personnel in our country and culture. At the end of 2010, anhui "2011" the anhui province arts graduate employment market opening, in addition to the traditional song and dance theatre unit of choose and employ persons, well-known enterprise has become large listed "to". From the unit of choose and employ persons provides jobs, in addition to dance, music and other professional graduates, many units of stage art set design, lighting and sound control, field service and stage supervision, ticketing and other aspects of the talent demand is big. Many enterprises not only to select talents, but also with the agreement, signed to build practical training base of the institutionalization of university-enterprise cooperation in the future. 

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