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The light is a very important form of stage art

In the 1920 s, people don't know the function of light. Thought light is illuminated the stage, let the audience see clearly. Stage, some artists to some kind of exploration of stage lights, trying to lighting and stage drama, it opened the prologue of stage lighting technology development.
Stage lighting by one of two, to develop into one or two rows or more. So, about lighting control system. Experienced early a set of control rod, multiple control rod, control type and period of controlled equipment changes, but these devices in the process of manual operation is complex, still cannot ensure the best state of art.
In the late 1980 s, with the development of computer technology, using computer to store light information increasingly common to replace a large number of multifarious manual operation.
Into this century, the rapid development of digital technology, the field of professional stage lighting also gradually into a comprehensive digital age. At present domestic professional lighting equipment used in the large outdoor performance, most of the digital control is adopted. Digital technology has brought stage lighting a profound revolution. Using digital technology to connect the light control system, making more intelligent lighting control, this stage for performances.
Corresponding to the development of the stage lighting technology, professional lighting industry in China started from the early 1990 s, when there has been a significant increase of people's living standard, led to the rapid rise in entertainment industry, stimulate the demand growth of professional lighting, thereby directly led to the industry's rapid development for the first time. But in the next few years, the light industry growth is slowing. Until 2001, dramatically reduce production enterprises, brand is relatively concentrated, product quality is gradually standardized, price transparency also gradually increased. In 2002 ~ 2003 years later, the professional lighting industry continued to rise steadily, to the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the 2010 Shanghai world expo, the guangzhou Asian games, 2011 founding anniversary in 90 and the universiade a series of large-scale celebration events, our professional lighting industry ushered in a new wave of development.

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