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LED star cloth

Cloth is a kind of sky is given priority to with traditional black curtain, coupled with the LED lamp bead, because the light bead is to use LED lights, effect is the night sky effect, so that LED the night curtain. This product can be used in large and medium-sized theaters, stage, bar, television, wedding, banquet hall, relative occasions such as the party. Colors can be monochrome and full color. Monochromatic: all white (practical, to the banquet hall, television, cinema) full blue, green, full of red, yellow, full color, red, white and blue green all (practical on stage, KTV, bar, etc.) blue and white (stage, wedding, etc.), such as red, white and blue and yellow. Size: 2 x 3 m, 3 x 4 m, 3 x 6 m, 4 x 6 m, 4 x 8 m, 6 x 6 m, 6 x 8 m... No matter what size, can according to customer's special requirement. LED star cloth strengths are: one, easy to follow and check, folding, lighter weight. Two, energy saving, light source adopts LED lamp bead, the use of low voltage and dc operation. Three, can change color, lights have red, blue, yellow, green, purple, white light, such as colour, in contrast colour lamp bead combination of dozens of colour effect. Four, easy to operate, DMX512 control computer control, active operation, voice control, manual control four formats. Five, long service life, the service life of the practice in a 100000 hour or so. 
LED night sky cloth used item information: should be paid attention to when registering moisture-proof, waterproof, dry, when use security leak. When the device, operation, repair must pass professional, in order to ensure the service life of the LED night sky cloth, wide voltage and the efficiency of using according to procedures. 
LED night sky cloth only is insufficient because of repeated assembly disassembly, curtain and static friction is easy to cause burning lamp bead, static electricity is always the night sky of weakness! But be sure to concern, manufacturers have improved on these issues, is the night sky cloth before production, do the esd in the curtain, the night sky is the life of the LED lamp bead on the cloth greatly enhanced, like the night sky of my colleagues did not have trouble back at home. 
LED night sky cloth in the trend of the future there are advantages! Another major advantage of energy conservation and environmental protection is the night sky, the sky cloth as a stage set, not just the night sky cloth in the use of the effect is good, but is also very low power consumption, power consumption is only hundreds of party night sky cloth dozens of tile! Because of this advantage, LED night sky cloth and act as an important role in the family to use! Night sky cloth is used in indoor design, steps, TV wall, such as the central, give family also don't increase vitality! 
Flame retardant materials 
For you to create more beautiful and more brilliant stage LED stage, the background is professional manufacturer of LED stage short for stage background LED professional manufacturers, is a kind of stage backdrop. Professional manufacturer of LED stage background first appeared and popular in Europe and the United States, the name of the domestic professional manufacturer of LED stage background is direct translation and English name. Map is a professional manufacturer of LED stage background in the new stage background screen and indoor space decorate the background, compared with the traditional stage curtain, its characteristic is the curtain of light bead can shine and possess a stroboscopic, color change effect, in order to decorate and decorate effect background on the stage. Professional manufacturer of LED stage background is broadly used in indoor and outdoor entertainment occasions of all nationalities, such as party, announce, enterprise performance stage background, and disco, bar, KTV rooms and other interior space decoration. The formation of the professional manufacturer of led stage background and summary, led stage background is professional manufacturer by led lamp bead, fireproof curtain, signal lines, power cables, control device, operation instruction, packing boxes, etc. Professional manufacturer of led stage background to light bead color points are: monochromatic stage background led professional manufacturers, with single are blue and white light is more, full-color led stage background, red, blue, green, white color lamp beads, colorful stage background led professional manufacturers, by the red, green, blue, yellow, purple, white light bead blend composition. Points are according to the transformation effect: there are provisions stroboscopic and video effects, rules of stroboscopic lamp bead random stroboscopic type is the same color. Video effect is advanced version, its effect is regular patterns or images. 
We are specializing in the production of stage curtain company, flame retardant curtain, design, production, installation in one, its production scale and types in the whole kingdom. The main products are: 
Flame retardant ma velvet curtain, duck down the curtain, a large swan velvet curtain, polyester cotton duck down the curtain, awning, dig like curtain, curtain, veil, seamless veil, screen and so on. Stage curtain type is variety theatre, cinemas and theatres, halls, clubs, studios and other stage is the lack of equipment, it plays an adornment stage, improve the effect of performance, stage broad use of curtain important stage unfolds, banquet scene, three curtain, eaves screen, side screen, veil, awning, sound-absorbing curtain varieties, etc. Flame retardant curtain of flame retardants is "ammonia chloride" thermal instability, heat is easy to break down! Was generated hydrogen chloride and ammonia. Reaction to absorb a large number of hot, and the generated gas still exist certain blocking the role of the air! Even if a fire, would slow down the progress. This company produces the stage curtain, in terms of material, joint stage, hall of amplification requirements, the requirements of stage lighting, as well as the stage curtain hanging, sense of beauty and art to the audience. Make the density of the fabric, the fabric of absorbance, the color of the fabric, the drape of fabric softness and degree, and pay attention to the above process, carefully, selection, design, production. A happy and trusted by the customers. 

------Archled Technology Co.,Limited

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