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The effect of the LED and applications

LED lamp is a kind of stage lighting lamps and lanterns, is to put the LED lamp bead as the light source used in stage lighting is a new type lamps and lanterns, with the improvement of LED technology and the reducing of the cost, LED stage lighting light industry plays a more and more important role. 
1, the classification of LED stage lights, is to classify according to the use, lamps and lanterns of LED stage light on the stage, are so common in (1), stage performances, (1) the LED lamp, cast aluminum is the most commonly used lamps and similar shapes and their light, small volume, is advantageous to the heat dissipation of lamps and lanterns According to the specification of general 18, 36, 48, 54, 72, 84, 120, etc. The triad of lamp and this 2 years, four unity full-color palmer light etc (such as 18 triad, four unity palmer lamp, etc.) (2) LED effect lights, LED lights and colors and technology applications, is often said that the lanterns, lanterns, common have month magic lamp, three claw fish. (3) the LED moving head light, it can be either a traditional pattern design and color effect of moving head light, or scan the effect of the more abundant the LED lamp. (4) LED stroboscope, usually USES the small power lamp bead. (5) LED display, stage, bar, the most common outdoor advertising and other public places, are widely used. 
2, stage lighting, (1) LEDDIS light, wash wall lamp, soft light, are generally not high power LED lamp, rounded, bar, square, etc. (2) LED the audience light, stage lighting, common four eyes and eight eye lamp. Decor and effect, (1) article LED lights, lamp, lamp, waterfall lights, tree lights, guardrail tube, usually made decoration on the stage, is used for many designs city-lighting project. (2) the LED floor, there are often 
Bars, disco, a large party. (3) the LED curtain, also called star curtain, LED lights, and the latest application of stage curtain. (4) LED imitation, common fruit, animals, such as a variety of patterns. Of LED stage lights, LED stage lights, and LED lighting lamps and lanterns is similar, main parts, shell, LED lamp bead, secondary optical lens, the LED drive power supply, DIP switch, radiator, shell, support of installation. 
3, LED stage light, LED stage light performance is together and LED technology, rich colors, red, green, blue three colors mixed 16.7 million different colors. Low power, low driving voltage, high luminous efficiency, energy saving. Security no radiation, no ultraviolet light. The theory of high life, life at 100000 hours. Compared to traditional stage lamps and lanterns, LED stage light is currently on the market price slightly on the high side. 
4, LED stage light application, in the most common color for the exchange of hybrid application of LED lamp, DIS light, wash wall lamp, commonly used in the big stage, 
A party, 

Concerts, outdoor performances, designs city-lighting project, the adornment of the high-rise buildings and so on. Application of lights, lanterns, magic lamp, lamp chrysanthemum, commonly used have indoor performance, in entertainment venues, bars, dance halls, KTV box, etc. Adornment effect of the application, lamp, lamp, lamp, star curtain, etc., are commonly used in holiday decorations, tall building decoration, stage decoration, etc. 

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