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The stage lighting and audio

For the sake of stage lighting and sound effects, make each other fusion, form an organic whole. Dimming personnel should have certain music culture, music, can timely transformation lights on the lighting control and change the light color, rate and light intensity. At present, the vast majority of the lighting control often USES the acoustic mode, use of voice signal to control the lights. 
Control way has the following kinds: 
1. The use of music signal level high and low to control the lights of the thyristor power supply, make the size of the lamp power supply voltage as the music signal change, make the brightness of the light change accordingly. The brighter the light, the greater the sound is abate, the lights dimmed. This effect with the quite perfect, especially for the dynamic changes of the great music, such as symphony. Ordinary light on the music level input pin, music signal from mixer, through the music of the level control of thyristor. 
2. Use music signal level to control the color of the light changes, the music level is high, the color changes fast, the music level is low, the color change is slow. This effect is good. For example; Using wireless acoustic music magic lantern, it is this type. Cartridge to pick up the voice of the speaker, the audio amplifier, to drive the motor is equipped with a variety of color filters, voice drive motor current is big, color filter speed, change color faster. 

3. The use of music signal level to control the lighting design speed. This kind of control in many wireless voice control lights. Its working principle is the same as the front of the other two. Using music signal level size, produce the drive motor current size, make the light pattern running rate change. 

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