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Configuration of stage lighting

Inside the theater stage, there are many common frame type stage, has thrust stage, have island type stage, there are also known as the black box of the stage, because the stage form is differ, so the lamps and lanterns of stage configuration are also different. For convenience, we will only speak today ordinary frame type stage, the stage is now the most widely applicable stage, its configuration mode is basic to adapt to most of the stage. 
For stage play is different, need different lamps and lanterns, all it when lamps and lanterns of configuration and to know that this stage is given priority to with what kind of performance, the lamps and lanterns of configuration will have a more clear goals and intentions. If some is given priority to with opera, drama performance, the lamps and lanterns should be configured according to the requirement of the opera, drama. Some is given priority to with large song and dance performances, should according to the needs of program with special lamp and the configuration of lamps and lanterns 
1, the spotlight 
The traditional spotlight is in front of the lamp installed flat convex condenser, to enhance the effect of the brightness. This kind of lamps and lanterns can adjust the light spot size, the beam is relatively concentrated, next to the diffuse light is small, the focal length is short, medium and long, depending on the distance according to the demand of target range to choose. The spotlight is the most widely used in stage lighting lamps and lanterns, can be installed in the face, a slap in the face, top light, side light, utilization rate is extremely high. 
LED is a new light source, low pressure, low temperature, energy saving, security, use LED bulb of the lamp brightness is good, not only and high color rendering index Ra, can reach more than 80, light close to natural light, to maintain the people's eyes, so it can use LEDPAR lamp to replace spotlights on the stage, effect is better. Likewise, Mr Lamp can be installed in the face, a slap in the face, top light, side light, can according to need to create various effects. 
2, tricolor meeting lamp 
Also called soft light, but in television says this kind of lamp for the spotlight, according to the stage to light on the three primary colors as soft light. Lambency lamp lights come loose and soft, so use the diffuse area, sometimes in order to control its diffuse light in front of the mirror with a cover page to block, its characteristic is light district area is large, don't like the feeling the spotlight has obvious spot, is close to target range. Soft light generally installed at the top of the first line of light, also can according to need in a plane, a slap in the face, side light. 
3, back to the light 
Back to the front of the light without lens, the light is completely on the back a large mirror, with the same power of the light bulb, its brightness is the spotlight to bright. On the stage to show a strong light source and brightness, the effect is better than other lamps and lanterns, characterized by strong light beam. But the dimming should pay attention to its focal point, unfavorable will focus on the color paper or curtain, such easy to cause burns. Also often appear in the center of the dimmer when "dirty", in order to avoid the "dirty", can add a ring in the center of the lamp front baffle, the injection of light and not easy to fold. Back light generally used only when need show strong light, can be installed in the side light, top light, and generally in a second, after the three top light, used as a backlight. 
4, imaging light 

Or molding lamp, ellipsoid spotlights. Its beam Angle has a variety of application can choose according to need, is the main feature, like the slideshow will flare cut into shapes of square, diamond, triangle, or all kinds of casting design decorative pattern. Imaging of light in a light, a slap in the face, as the main projection lamps and lanterns. 

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