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Introduction to the LED lamp belt

A, what is the LED belt? 
Lamp with refers to the LED lights with special processing technology of welding in the copper wire or strip on the flexible circuit board, and then connected to the power supply, because of its light shape, like a bar band the name. The first process is to put the LED on the copper wire welding, combined with PVC pipe or USES the direct molding equipment, has a circular and flat shape, its name according to the number of copper wire and the shape of the lamp tape will distinguish, two line known as the second line, round and round, just in the front is round second line; Sector in front and flat characters, namely, flat. Later developed into the flexible circuit board FPC is used to do the carrier, because of its processing technology and simpler, easier to control quality, longer life, color and brightness higher gradually replaced the earlier process, gradually into the trend. 
Regular round second line, three line, three lines, flat flat four wire, etc.; Color has red, green, blue, yellow, white, colorful, and so on. Diameter: 10 mm - 16 mm is widely used in building outline, Bridges, guardrails, hotels, grove, dance hall, advertising, decoration, etc. 
Second, the lamp with the main characteristics and advantages? 
1, soft, could crimp like a wire. 
2, can be cut and delay. 
3, bulb and the circuit is completely coated in flexible plastic, insulation, waterproof properties is good, the use of safe. 
4, strong weatherability. 
5, not easily broken, long service life. 
6, easily making graphics and text modelling; Has been widely used in buildings, Bridges, roads, gardens, yard, floor, ceiling, furniture, automobile, ponds, underwater, advertising, signs, signs and other decoration and lighting. 
How long is the life of the three, LED lights belt? 
Is due to the LED constant current components, so different manufacturer production of LED lights, with constant current effect, of course, life is so different. Of course, if the lamp with copper wire or the toughness of the flexible circuit board is bad will also affect the service life of LED lamp belt. 
The four, LED lights belt in the maintenance of the matters needing attention? 
1, antistatic: because leds are static sensitive components, if you don't do a good when repair leds with anti-static measures, will burn out the LED, wasteful. Here the need to pay attention to is the iron must use antistatic soldering pen, anti-static measures have to be made at the same time maintenance personnel (such as wear electrostatic ring and anti-static gloves, etc.) 
2, sustained high temperature: leds with two important part of the LED and FPC, are not continuous high temperature resistant products. FPC if continued high temperature or is more than the temperature, makes the FPC cladding foaming, directly cause the LED with scrap. At the same time, the LED can't continuous high temperature tolerance, under high temperature and time is long, the chip will be high temperature burn out. Therefore, maintenance of LED lamp belt when adopted by the soldering iron must use solder iron temperature control, the temperature limit in a range, literally change and set is prohibited. In addition, even so, still need to pay attention to in maintenance iron don't stay in LED feet longer than 10 seconds, if more than this time, it is likely to burn out the LED chip. 
3, short circuit: a lot of LED lights with bad have short circuit because of foot and before repair bad must find out the real reason. Otherwise, rushed to replace the bad LED, when energized again will continue to cause the LED chip, short circuit current breakdown. So, before replacing new LED, must first find out the real reason for bad, suit the remedy to the case can get twice the result with half the effort. 

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