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Night light engineering design considerations

Resulted in recent ten years, we can see some landscape lighting project, people for the lighting landscape engineering is used to be very strange. But because of the progress of The Times, we can expand the field of vision, can truly feel the lighting landscape engineering of great artistic charm, expand changed the time and space of city life, promote the development of the economy. 
We have a light for such a beautiful landscape engineering show, we must pay attention to the quality of the details of a few aspects: 
1, lighting engineering overall coordination 
Because the lighting landscape engineering mainly about a light the overall coordination, rather than a single light as the focus, so the lighting engineering design, especially the urban night landscape design, street lighting landscape design must have a system view, to develop, for the lights of the overall coordination if there is any wrong place, can not be alone for a bulge and forget the rest of the harmony. 
2 the objective background, lighting engineering 
Urban design a night view lighting project must be based on some of the local cultural background, including local history, employment Eng, culture, economic development level and other factors to consider. He said don't blindly pursuit of luxury fashion, must cooperate with local specific environmental factors to undertake collocation. Like the city of Shanghai, developed economy, we should have to spend the night of the city landscape design a certain state of mind, because it brings together people in many countries and regions, therefore the night view lighting project design is easy to cause them to us a impression about direction of China. So according to the development trend of different cities at the same time, depending on their cultural background to decide an overall design scheme. 
3, dynamic effect of the light 
We are older or younger, if there is a large park near home will go out at night, exercise to relieve the pressure of work in the day, and increase the frequency and the health of the body movement. At this time for a park or area; Green design is a night landscape engineering design points. We can see now the bridge or the bridge on both sides of the hanging bar will have corresponding lights flickered in or moving effect. Such virtually we watch in the distance in time also can very clearly see the outline of the whole bridge, but also for walking or running is a good chance of watching beautiful scenery at night. On a city beautification, thereby increasing the people for the upgrade of the city brings a better feel. 

Our statue of stage lighting equipment company has been for the majority of users to collect more lighting landscape engineering cases, hope to be able to let the city of the future development in lighting engineering that have more development space. 

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