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Professional stage lighting systems

An overview: (1) the concept of lighting system, lighting system (2) (3) lighting system covers the field lighting system (4) the lighting system of nouns (5) the national related design about lighting system according to the index of reference (6) lighting system design 
Second, stage lighting system design (theatre) (1) stage lighting system function (2) lighting lighting design (type of lamps and lanterns, how to choose the lamps and lanterns) and distribution (3) the dimming circuit design (4) the dimming system design (5) other auxiliary system (e.g., light, color changer, stage effect equipment, etc.) (6) conclusion 
Three, television professional studio lighting system design (news, virtual studio) (1) lighting system function (2) (3) the dimming circuit of lighting design and electrical design (4) the dimming system design 
Four, television variety show studio lighting design (1) lighting system function (2) (3) the dimming circuit of lighting design and electrical design (4) the dimming system design 
Five, television, telephone, video conference room lighting design requirements 
Six, network lighting system 
Copy the code "music sound workers required course" 
Preface, the relationship between music and sound; 
Music for people's function, the music of the importance of the audio industry and contains the value; 
Common types of music, the types of music and audio industry; Demo (song) the relationship between music and frequency; Sound relations with frequency; Music fundamental frequency range; Overtones, octave relationship with 8 degrees, 1/3 octave, 1/12 octave and so on, and interval relations; (demo) 
Basic music theory, music pitch, interval and harmony; (demo) 
Basic music theory, music rhythm, rhythm type, beat; (in drum demonstration) 
Music harmony and mode; C major and A minor mode? How to differentiate between large mode and small mode? What is A sound, towards harmony? Practice common a few songs, feel the charm of harmony, for example: large mode and small mode; On the piano and guitar (demonstration) 
Voice and music voice; Different music type parts, function, and have different sound field location, audio-visual, space, location decision level, the role of music also determines the level, and timbre and hierarchical relationship; (demo) 
Audio sound quality evaluation of the commonly used words to explain and audition contrast; Audition (song) 
Music mood, emotion, the understanding of the connotation; 
Other music common problems; (for instance) 
Common pickup and tuning of acoustic instruments. What kind of sound and music really need? Common sound of drums and the difference and pickup method, the common tone of the guitar and the difference and pickup method, bass, keyboards, electric box. Musical instrument box pickup. (demo) 
Common acoustic instruments sound pickup and tune; Acoustic guitar, violin, piano, saxophone; (demo) 

Between the sound engineer and musician, singer, cooperation and mutual importance. 

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