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Stage classification and structure characteristics of truss

The stage is the classification of the truss? First of all, we are the most commonly used standard stage truss, the truss is one of the most standard industry requirements, a simple truss, easy to use, can be used for a variety of models. 
Second, portable stage light truss, stage, truss has the characteristics of lightweight, flexible and widely used, its cross section is smaller than a cross section of a truss structure, adopt the standard stage, suitable for small activity, but its bearing capacity is good, can satisfy any small bearing force. 
Two levels of truss pipe and pipe is common, but lighter. In strengthening phase truss strength better than standard stage truss truss, on both ends of the truss welding pipe support, to strengthen the support and strength and span than standard. 
Finally is super truss type stage, it is the most strong in the stage of truss of a truss, this kind of thickness of the steel truss are increased, and the diameter of the steel tube make the strength and the biggest span truss, it is mainly used for all kinds of large stage, and need large span to the stage. 
The characteristics of the new stage of truss subversion thoroughly the traditional framework stage of complex problems, it has many advantages: any combination of standard parts; Assembly; Not restricted by geographical environment; Height can be adjusted according to the need to size, assembly stage background; Integration, eight largest wind, regardless of size or scale stage will not separate cheap practical, cost-effective to collapse 
Truss classification: 
1, the triangle truss 
In the node load is uniformly distributed along the span, the axial force on the lower chord at the endpoint is the largest, gradually reduce the cross section; Axial force and relative CHS. Triangle truss chord due to the internal differences, material consumption is not reasonable, for the house 
2, trapezoid truss 
Compared with the triangle truss, the force of the artifacts has improved, but also for the roof can more easily satisfy some industrial workshop process requirement. On the lower chord trapezoid truss for parallel parallel chord truss, the component stress trapezoidal is a bit poor, but the type of CHS is greatly reduced, for Bridges and piers. 
3, polygon truss 
Also called mansard truss. Nodes in the two parabolic, such as bending of arch winding can reduce internode load is more complex, but manufacturing. In uniform load and bending moment diagram and truss girder and similar chord axial force distribution, the lower abdomen of axial force, materials, etc., are commonly used in construction of truss form. 
4, vierendeel truss 

Take the basic shape polygons truss, no oblique abdominal rod, only in the vertical and the upper and lower chord connection. Pole distribution of axial force and polygon truss are similar, but under asymmetric load rod bending moment is bigger. The advantages of the utility model is a node point, construction is convenient. 

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