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The most commonly used three stage truss

Stage truss the world of entertainment and performance, then according to the phase change the shape of the truss into a variety of, first introduced the three types of truss stage. 
Picture frame truss design stage 
Truss frame type stage refers to the audience is located in the side of the stage, the stage of the rest of the side is blocked by the object, the actors and technicians. 
Truss stretching stage 
Stretching stage truss and truss frame stage difference is that part of the stage forward, toward the audience, the three sides of this part of exposed to the audience. Mainly used in dance halls, fashion show hall, night club, club, multi-function hall, auditorium, theater and other places of entertainment. 
Circle truss type stage 
Around the circular stage truss refers to stage the audience. Usually circular stage is located in the middle of the theater. Viewers can close 
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