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Stage of truss structures, skills

Stage truss, stage lighting, also is one of the truss frame, it is usually composed of aluminum processing multiple triangle unit welded together, each other stage truss used in outdoor entourage of skeleton, the establishment of the tent stents contains stage. 
Set equipment of hanging light group, also known as general purpose lighting, its quality is light, like a span to dozens of meters, is also very convenient. General installation process is as follows: want to make sure of good bearing is put on the surface of the base base, and the cure leg; On the base of the inserted disk to Pierce the support column; Use screws to the head as sure to strong good, again set good party set; Packed column connected together suspension hoist, it is to stand up and hold the ancient; The beam adjacent group installed by suspension hoist lift to determine its location and position, can put lights on the bar when necessary equipment deployment Settings; At the end of it to the highest position; At the end of the coherent parts tight good reinforcement will be finished building. 

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