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The purpose of lighting design: the systematization of visual environment

The visual environment may be specific, but may have been perceived by macau. Therefore, it is necessary to grasp from the correct, engineering and systematic point of view.

Visual objects, according to the purpose of the behavior of people to shake, whether by focusing on to see the state of different, can be divided into "gaze object, ta. door and" ring ridge". An object is an object that one has to look at or have to look at for the immediate purpose of action or action. The term "visual task" that was used in the past was translated as "visual task object"". In this paper, the use of the language is close to the actual visual objects. The so-called environment is not directly related to the behavior, but when people look around, the location of the surrounding situation.

In a variety of acts or scenes of life, there are a variety of objects or the environment, here in the office environment, the office area of the office staff as the representative of the visual environment to illustrate.

The visual environment of representative office staff is shown. General work in order to view the text, VDT (visual display terminal) as the object, usually to watch the text of the main work. But because the relationship between people and people in business is very important, so in many cases, not only to look at the text at the same time, but also to talk with other people, the face of the other party has become an important object of interest. Japan's offices are generally large enough to prove it.

And office staff are not always in the office, sometimes look around, look at the top wall, Xu powder, ground, or other office staff around the desk and other visual objects. The degree of visibility or space field is closely related to the comfort of the work.

The visual object of the office area is divided into two parts: the object and the environment. And so on, other living space can also be divided into two parts, which are the representative object and the environment. Of course, this is not static, but also according to, or not, the use of space, the position of the user of the space for the corresponding changes. For an extreme example, the slope, the ground or the door are generally part of the environment, the occurrence of disasters and other unexpected situations, it will have to be clear visual objects.

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