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The necessary conditions of visual environment -- the necessary performance of tools and systems

The visual environment can be said to be one of the tools and systems necessary for work and action. As a tool and system performance, can cite many, such as: "nature", "comfort", "ease of use (good)", "security", "creative", "decorative" and "symbolic", "social" and "economy" and "save" and "symbiosis", "recycling". Performance and capability. The implications of these key words are as follows.

The essence of the system itself, the performance of the first goal can be achieved. Comfort refers to the basic tools in play its performance, the hope can have a comfortable feeling, such as good knife, melodious violin is the symbol of the performance. With a tool, it can reflect the tool's social strength, and through specific perceptual or through training alone taste or choose the demonstrated ability to convey information, group interpersonal relationship, senior brand, interior decoration popular, insiders know that senior entertainment hotels belong to this kind of nature. "Awesome" from lamented not only decorative, but also because to reach a highly degree of succinct contains comfort but also including symbolic. Senior fashion decoration, in addition to the pursuit of comfort, symbolic, succinct is essential. In the field of illumination, the symbol of landscape lighting or outdoor lighting is very important. Social refers to the social consensus of ethics.

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