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Ballast function

The gas discharge lamp in the light, in the state of arc discharge and arc discharge. The state is generally negative. The volt ampere characteristics of volt ampere characteristic is negative when the circuit current is increased, the working voltage of bulb decreased between the supply voltage and a difference of J, the difference in the role, to continue to increase the current and this process is repeated down, leading to the current increase without limit, until finally the bulb or a part of the circuit by the current out. This characteristic is shown in Figure a.

The lamp can be connected in series with resistance or inductance to overcome the inherent instability of arc discharge. The curve in the figure is a volt ampere characteristics of arc discharge negative; B is the resistance curve (or inductance) of volt ampere curve; C is the superposition of results of a and B, has positive volt ampere characteristics. So in general in a DC circuit resistance as ballast; do ballast inductance in AC circuit.

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