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San Francisco panoramic city night

The plane landed at SanFrancico Airport, and as soon as we walked out of the door, the bright sunshine of California in July. Also known as the "fog" came to San Francisco known that let us encounter such good weather is really overjoyed.

We still take the rental car as a means of transport, in such a "wheel of the country" no car is not playing. Fortunately, the car as easy as playing.

First of all, according to the map and guide the planned location and route, and record the customs and local block structure, and finally a observation of the whole city.

The car on the highway, the comic strip of high-rise buildings, as well as a street town across the road from both sides. We are looking forward to the three street day has considered as the target market street, Wyness Avenue and empacho Carlo street. The three streets cross at a distance of 4 kilometers. From the map, the intersection of the street and the composition of the shape of a cake, the main tourist attractions in San Francisco.

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