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Shanghai, the Bund, the art of lighting lighting show

The light environment with low level illumination and high vertical illumination is the characteristic of Shanghai city lighting, and also represents the basic structure of the Asian light environment. Such a light environment is not only in the advertising light boxes and neon filled commercial street, even in the so-called "the Bund" Huangpu River is also seen.

After the first World War, the Bund became a leased land of the great powers, and the well preserved western style architecture is the witness of history.

The night of the Bund is very charming, here is full of tourists, couples who frequented places.

The illuminance meter is the result of measurement, the level of illumination was only 0.2 lux, while the vertical illuminance is 8 lux, a difference of 25 times. This is because the river building facades have been cast in the special device and the outline of the light shine. Come from the building reflected light, although the distance of tens of meters, the illumination is as high as 8 lux.

The Bund is a scenic resort.

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