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Lighting design of roadside light box advertisement in Shanghai

Nanjing East Road on both sides of the light box arranged by a certain distance advertising. The surface of the milky white acrylic board is unique in style and color. Such roadside advertising, is a light source for the light box, only to see a small lighting device, but the continuous configuration on both sides of the street, but it has a certain artistic taste. Similar roadside light box advertising in Nanjing Road intersection with the vertical Tibet road can also be seen.

Nanjing Road on the side of the light box advertising another strange thing is that the two carriers on the same carrier advertising. If you look to the East are Pepsi advertising, while the opposite is the Coca-Cola wide. Tibet road in the side of the light box advertising both sides have been swept by Pepsi, but one side is Chinese, the other side is english. This is a thoughtful consideration.

Light boxes such as round flat drum, 1.6 meters in diameter, about 4 meters away from the ground, the configuration interval of 20 meters. The film on the surface of the lamp box has good light transmittance, careful observation can even count the number of the inside of the lamp. It is estimated that there are only 40 Watt fluorescent lamps with only 3 watts and 20 Watt fluorescent lamps in each of them. The power consumption of each lamp box is about 200 watts.

Typically, the road lighting uses 270 watts of spherical high pressure sodium lamp, arranged at intervals of 40 meters. And Nanjing East Road and Tibet Road on the roadside light box advertising power distribution has exceeded this standard, but also the vertical surface of the light irradiation.

Vending machines in Japan also emit similar light, but the vending machine configuration and distribution is very arbitrary, unlike the roadside light box advertising in Shanghai, is entirely set up according to the plan. As a socialist country, after entering the era of market economy, it has also begun to attach importance to the promotion of advertising for free competition.

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