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In Shanghai, the bustling Puxi needs lighting to Polish

By ferry across the Huangpu River, on the West Bank came to Shanghai's most prosperous East Nanjing road. This is a stretch of the road from the west to the West about 1.5 kilometers of the street, day and night is a lively scene.

During the day, we measured the width of the street with an ultrasonic range finder. This kind of advanced instrument is easy to use in the crowded streets, because it is impossible to measure the width of the belt by measuring the width of the tape. The principle of the instrument is also very simple, to the opposite wall ultrasonic wave, and then measure the time required for the reflection of ultrasound, multiplied by the speed of sound, then the width of the street. It is important to note that the launch of ultrasound must aim at the flow through the neutral. Otherwise, it may be time for the ultrasound to bounce back from the pedestrian.

Measured east Nanjing road width of 25 meters. Shanghai in mid April, sunset time is 6:30. In the evening, we went to the street to look for those who had drawn sketches and recorded data during the day.

Here the horizontal illuminance of 30 lux, vertical illuminance of 60 lux. Vertical illuminance is higher than the level of illumination, because there are many commercial facilities on both sides of the street. This point with Lyon Libinbulike street and Berlin street in the Damm library is very similar. Another similarity is that the both sides of the street facade of the building is very high compared with the width of the street, thus forming a narrow space, on both sides of the building facade emitted from the lights and neon lights, advertising light box together, greatly improves the vertical illuminance. The higher vertical illumination will render a warm, festive and noisy atmosphere.

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