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Shanghai Asian style urban lighting

It takes only 2 hours and 30 minutes to fly from Tokyo to Shanghai. From Shanghai Hongqiao Airport, about 40 minutes by taxi to enter the urban area of Shanghai. This distance allows us to set out after breakfast in Tokyo and return to Tokyo on the day after lunch in Shanghai.

The Shanghai is also selected as the object of investigation because Shanghai is the window of China's huge market, it brings together many of the world's capital, is a vibrant and dynamic city. The first impression of visitors to Shanghai is the flow of traffic and people on the street. Before World War II, here is known as the paradise of adventurers, the United States and Europe, as well as Japan, there are spies and secret agents here activities, including many from the world's gold diggers. Now Shanghai has become one of the most advanced cities after China's reform and opening up.

Street office buildings on both sides of the street, pedestrians on the street with a mobile phone while walking in a hurry. Taxi running on the street and Japan 15 years ago, the same models, more than eighty percent of the real estate santana. Most of the people's eyes are full of bright smiles, and they are enjoying their lives.

Shanghai Huangpu River was divided into two. About 8 km west of the river, surrounded by the city highway, is the central area of Shanghai. Pudong New Area is on the east side of the river, it is the development of new street near.

The development of the Pudong district was started in 1990. Only after 10 years of construction, it is already tall buildings, spacious streets extending in all directions, a modern urban scene. 50 meters wide streets with high-pressure sodium lamp as light source, illumination of 20 lux level street, is a lighting engineering company that higher values. A high-rise building group was the light shine brightly, showing the majestic style.

The measured vertical illuminance of 12 lux street. This is the measurement of the building up of the illuminance meter. From the whole point of view, the vertical illumination of the ambient lighting in Pudong area is lower than the horizontal illumination, which makes the street surface less lively, because the warm atmosphere of the city is mainly the vertical illumination. The lights in the windows of the office buildings, the lighting of the shop windows, the neon lights, the in - house ads and the car lights, all of which have their own functions, have become part of the city's lighting. These light levels are horizontal, and the brightness value of the vertical illuminance.

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