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The problem that cannot be ignored in the engineering and design of road lighting (two)

4, road lighting should be for the driver to create what kind of feeling?

This is from the road lighting security considerations. Road lighting must be used to ensure that the long-distance drivers on the highway to avoid glare hazards, to avoid the dangers of fatigue driving. Should create a comfortable and full of changes in the road lighting at night, the lamp is suitable for simple, not too fancy, so as not to distract the driver.

5, road lighting in the city should pay attention to what?

First, the lamp holder to improve the storage performance. Road lighting generally use a higher degree of illumination, so it is necessary to prevent the light radiation, do a good job in the light of the lights, so as not to damage the city's night environment.

Two, road lighting for functional lighting, light color warm white or pure white, not because in the city beautification and consider using RGB color or single color light color, easy due to light changes lead to changes in illumination caused by road accidents.

Three, the lamp holder lamp design can be combined with local cultural characteristics, customs and custom, in order to enhance the cultural taste of the city, but not too fancy and not applicable.

Four, in the urban area of the road lighting can increase linked auxiliary objects in pole design, easy to use in the city during the holidays, pole hanging banners, lantern lights are smaller, lighter objects, in order to increase the utilization rate of the pole, create a festive and peaceful atmosphere.

6, in addition, the key points of road lighting design and what?

First, the road lighting design should consider its sustainability, lighting requirements must be established long-term mechanism.

Two, energy saving and environmental protection is a global trend, and energy conservation and environmental protection must be based on the overall, scientific, comprehensive consideration of system scheduling.

Three, people-oriented, road lighting must be to reduce the loss of life and property of the people or the threat of the first premise.

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