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Five lighting requirements in tunnel

[question] what are the lighting requirements in the tunnel?


(1) the light of the light in the tunnel shall be kept in an adequate, uniform and non - flashing light, and the height of the excavation section shall be chosen according to the size of the excavation section and the height of the working face;

(2) the tunnel power lines, should use moisture-proof insulation wire, in accordance with the provisions of the height of porcelain hanging firmly. Do not hang wires on nails and other pieces of iron, or tie them together. The outer cover of the switch shall be provided with a wooden cover, and a sealed safe box is adopted. If the cable is used, it should be firmly hung on the ground, not on the ground;

(3) the lighting voltage of each part of the tunnel shall be:

The excavation, support and lining work area for 12 ~ 36v;

The cave area for 110 ~ 220v;

The portable working lamp is 12 ~ 36v;

(4) the power lines and lighting equipment in the tunnel shall be equipped with a person in charge of maintenance and repair, and the power supply shall be cut off when the repair circuit and the lighting equipment are installed;

(5) the use of a water proof lamp in a wet and leaky tunnel.

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