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Living room lighting design need to pay attention to what issues?

The living room is the family activities, chatting, reading and watching TV and other activities are carried out in the living room and dining, writing is often in the living room, the living room or reception place, although the living room has many different uses, but cannot do without bright and comfortable light, good light can often improve along with the gas radon pleasure, can reduce the burden on the eyes and leisure, in different circumstances and time can also meet other requirements. It can be said that the lamp is a good helper to create a warm atmosphere at home.

In the living room design, the role of lighting is not only lighting, but also has a decorative, artistic taste, etc.. According to the design of the living room area, height, room layout to determine the location of the light source and light source, and in accordance with the style of the owner to make the right choice.

In general, the living room lighting should use the main lighting and auxiliary lighting to create a space to interact with the atmosphere:

1 main lighting: the main lighting provides light for most of the area of the living room space, as the light source for this task usually comes from the top of the chandelier or ceiling lamps, can choose different collocation according to the occupants' preferences, in order to highlight the different style of decoration, such as luxurious alabaster chandeliers, crystal lamps, handmade glass lamp. The use of chandeliers to pay attention to the brightness of the upper and lower space evenly, if the ceiling and the lower the brightness of the activities of the larger space, easy to make the living room is dark, giving people a sense of discomfort. If the floor height of less than 2.6 meters, it is not suitable for the use of gorgeous chandeliers, otherwise it will give a heavy, depressing feeling. In addition, the choice of the main lamp, if the lamp chimney mouth up, the light will shine on the ceiling, reflected light will make people feel softer.

2 auxiliary lighting lamps, auxiliary lighting lights, wall lamp, table lamp, refers to a smaller size, can strengthen the sense of the level of light. Most of the wall mounted in the lobby, corridors and other parts, mainly from the guiding role. The use of unique decorative lamp wall corner will not have a taste. The auxiliary lighting lamp "lamp" is often used, the floor directly projected downward, suitable for reading and other activities to concentrate. If it is indirect lighting, it can interact with different light changes. Consider the living room height, need to use the floorlamp if too low, the light can only be concentrated in the local area, will make people feel light. Floorlamp with mobile convenience, can very well create a corner of the atmosphere, and very practical.

3 tea table: table lamp table lamp for display as an auxiliary or key lighting, can supplement the strong block light, but also when the reading lamp. Now, some with small round table or desk lamp are connected, the function of merger, is a very good choice. If you choose to replace the lamp shade, on the basis of the use of seasonal or living room will change, will also add a lot of fun. Change of the shape of embedded lamp although less, but it is also one of the most commonly used lamps, because it can combine different reflectors, shutters, filters etc. adjust different lighting effects, soften the atmosphere of space, reduce the space sense of oppression.

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