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Lighting energy saving analysis of LED platform

To the current platform for the use of the deck lighting and white light LED lamp energy saving analysis, combined with the above analysis of the average illuminance, 90W white LED is now used to replace 250W high pressure sodium lamp.

Initial capital investment (see figure below)

Upfront investment cost

Annual electricity consumption

The offshore platform is a special place to work, platform lighting time is generally 24 hours / day, costs by 1 yuan / degree calculation: with LED as the platform of the lighting source, the annual electricity savings of 340 thousand yuan, energy consumption is only 36% of the traditional lighting source. In fact, the power supply voltage fluctuation has great influence on the power consumption of sodium lamp, when the supply voltage reaches 250V, the power nearly doubled, power consumption is much larger than the rated power, in this case, the service life of the lamp will also be greatly attenuated (only rated life of 30% ~ 40%). The power consumption of LED does not change with the change of the power supply voltage. Considering the influence of power fluctuation, the actual energy consumption of LED is only 25% ~ ~ ~ of the sodium lamp, which is another important reason for the energy saving of LED than the high pressure sodium lamp.

Annual electricity consumption

The current power high-pressure sodium lamp is fixed, usually 70W, 100W, 150W, 250W, and LED light source, the biggest advantage is can be designed according to the actual need, how much power is equipped with large power of the actual needs, so as to maximize energy saving, eliminate the phenomenon of excessive waste of electric energy.

Later operating cost

LED one-time investment is large, once put into use, the latter operation and maintenance costs are low, long service life of lamps, do not often change. Compared with LED, a high pressure sodium lamp is as high as 60% years of decline, the actual life expectancy is only rated life of 30% ~ 40%, 20% year-on-year change rate, operating expenses in figure.

Later operating cost

As can be seen from the above table, white LED instead of the traditional high pressure sodium lamp, the cost of investment in the early stages of the cost is not dominant, but in the latter part of the operation, maintenance revenue. Once put into use, 2 to 3 years will be able to recover the cost of inputs.

Application prospect of white LED lighting technology

The amount of offshore oil resources accounts for about 34% of the world's total oil resources, and in the case of the depletion of oil and gas resources, forcing people to look to the vast ocean. In recent years, marine oil and gas development has made considerable progress, at present, the offshore oil production accounts for about 35% of global output, marine natural gas production accounts for about 25% of global output. According to expert estimates, by the middle of this century, offshore oil and gas production is expected to exceed the land, the ocean will become the main source of support for the global energy, chemical and other industrial sectors of the oil and gas.

Offshore oil drilling platform is the main production facility for offshore oil and gas field development. With the increase of the development of marine oil and gas resources, more and more drilling platforms will be put into oil and gas exploitation. The day before, platform lighting system mostly adopts the traditional lighting equipment, if using a new type of high power white LED to replace the traditional lighting equipment, can save billions of dollars per year, LED has a broad space for development in the future of offshore platform lighting system.

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