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The application of LED light source and lamps in industrial lighting

In recent years, the application of semiconductor lighting has become wider and wider. LED lighting has entered the room from the outside, from landscape lighting, road lighting, the development of civil buildings, interior lighting, functional lighting, is now moving towards the field of industrial lighting.

First, the emphasis on functionality

Relative to other lighting, industrial lighting more emphasis on functionality, the lighting of the technical requirements of the higher; adaptability to the environment and visual effects higher requirements. In the lighting design, the most basic indicator is the illuminance, the lighting requirements of some industrial areas are as follows:

Thus, the industrial building illumination range is very wide, from dozens, hundreds or even thousands of lux. The illuminated space is very complex: the petrochemical, pharmaceutical industry, pipe reactor, processing enterprises of raw materials yard and other outdoor lighting space; large workshop of iron and steel industry, electronic factory assembly workshop and other indoor lighting. LED lighting according to the different illumination and space, choose different light source power combination and lamp type.

The application of LED light source and lamps in industrial lighting

Two, the environment is complex and diverse lighting options

Another feature of industrial buildings: the environment is complex, harsh conditions. Therefore, should be based on all kinds of lighting conditions, choose different types of lamps:

1 in damp places, should adopt the corresponding protective grade waterproof lamp or with waterproof lamp cap of open type lamps;

2 in the presence of corrosive gas or steam, should be used to prevent corrosion of closed lamps. If the use of open type lamps, each part should be anti-corrosion or waterproof measures;

3 in the place where there is dust, dust should be appropriate to choose the appropriate level of protection;

4 in a clean room requirements in the workplace should be used, not easy dust, easy to wipe clean the lamp;

5 in the high temperature place, should use the heat dissipation performance is good, the high temperature resistant lamps and lanterns;

6 in the vulnerable to mechanical damage, light source may cause personal injury or damage to the property of the use of the lamp should be protective measures;

In 7 with a hammer, big bridge crane etc. Large Vibration places the use of lamps should be anti vibration and anti shedding measures;

8 in the place to prevent ultraviolet radiation, should be used purple or light source.

IP (INGRESS PROTECTION) protection rating system is drafted by the IEC, the electrical appliances in accordance with the characteristics of dust and moisture to be classified. IP protection class is composed of two numbers, first numbers, said lamp dust isolation level to prevent intrusion of foreign objects, second numbers represent the tightness of anti moisture, waterproof lamp intrusion, the larger the number the higher the level of protection (details refer to the corresponding electrical manual).

Three, LED products used in industrial lighting

The LED light source and lamp has the characteristics of low voltage power supply, small size, light weight, and the lamp can be completely closed and installed.

The light source of the three proof lamp, in the past generally uses the compact fluorescent lamp (now also may use LED), the lamp body uses the ABS material, the lamp body and the lampshade are closely combined, has the waterproof, dustproof, anticorrosion and so on the function. It is suitable for high density places, such as pharmaceutical factories, food processing plants, and other places requiring purification and harsh environment.

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