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The problems that cannot be ignored in the engineering and design of road lighting

1, how to implement the design of road lighting safety?

Road lighting safety performance of five points:

First, to prevent the spread of glare;

Two, to prevent the driver driving at night visual fatigue;

Three, all kinds of road signs no matter what kind of natural climate environment must be clearly visible;

Four, reduce or avoid the road crime at night;

Five, to meet the emergency situation to ensure high lighting and temporary increase in the light source needs.

From the perspective of illumination,

First, to meet the necessary lighting of road lighting at night;

Two, road lighting fixtures time inspection and maintenance;

Three, the use of national or international standards for the latest road lighting lamps;

Four, road lighting is generally functional lighting, installation works must be strictly in accordance with national standards.

2, how to implement the design of road lighting energy efficiency?

Road lighting energy efficiency is to deal with local conditions, the use of lighting combined with the local climate environment to consider. Specifically, the factors that affect the lighting energy conservation are the following:

First, the cloth lamp spacing reasonable, in line with national standards for road lighting requirements.

Two, the choice of lamps. From the energy saving, LED is currently the best choice for energy saving, other lamps (except for the loss of ballast) to save more than 70%.

Three, the reasonable combination of local climate change scientifically adjust the turn on time and turn on the lights.

Four, make full use of remote intelligent control system, real-time monitoring of road lighting. Especially in rainy, heavy fog, heavy rain and other adverse weather brought about by the impact of real-time control.

Five, expand ideas, make full use of renewable resources (such as photovoltaic, wind power) as an auxiliary means of street lamp power supply, reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

3, road lighting design should pay attention to safety and pay attention to energy conservation, the two aspects should be how to balance?

Road lighting is the primary task of its functionality to ensure road safety, to ensure that people's lives and property is not subject to loss, and then consider its energy efficiency. According to the situation of the development of the road in our country, the economically underdeveloped areas of the road first consider the safety of their good, relatively inexpensive price of sodium lamp, metal halide lamp. The economically developed areas, such as the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta and other regions can be considered as appropriate to consider the use of energy-efficient LED lamps combined with remote intelligent control system to achieve more efficient energy saving results. There is no contradiction between road safety and energy conservation, but also do not need to balance. LED lamp with high efficiency and energy saving can also achieve the illumination of road safety requirements; the use of sodium lamp, metal halide lamp can also be through other means, such as strict control on time and lighting long also can achieve effective energy saving. The key lies in whether to respond to the call of the state, the establishment of a conservation oriented society, the concept of road lighting control.

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