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The principle of spectral distribution

The amount of light radiation is generally based on the following principles. The value of the measured (Xiao Zheng) species can be obtained if the side food is known to have a standard value.

For example, in the case of side light, the T is compared with the V (the light receiver, which has a standard value), and the measured light source is compared with the measured light source under the same conditions. Compared with the method of weighing the two T with the balance, the method is the same as that of the object. The side of the light is also the same, the side of the T when the light receiver can be used to replace the composition of the detector and the detector, equivalent to the role of worship. The ratio between the standard radiation source and the measured radiation source at each side of the T wavelength can be obtained by multiplying the value with the standard value of the standard light source.

In Chapter l, the absolute value of the measured object can be obtained by using the measurement method which can meet the requirements of the specific space conditions required by the standard radiation source. For example, the measurement of spectral irradiance, such as numerical spectral irradiance has been a fixed side distance correction, compare the side in satisfies this condition, spectral irradiance of each wavelength can be obtained by the absolute value, it is called absolute optical measurement.

When the spatial conditions are not met, but it is hoped that the relative spectral distribution can be obtained by using other methods. Such as the use of spectral irradiance standard lamp to obtain the relative numerical spectral radiance of the white, or through the diffusion plate and the diffusion plate lens optical system is used, with light splitter and a detection device by using the same methods, "said that" this side system (do not own the absolute value), split light measurement.

However, due to the square of the original amount of different, in the absence of square transformation, the spectral radiance is not absolute, it is known as the relative light side.

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