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The role of photometric measurement

In terms of spectral luminous efficiency (V "t based evaluation of side light (light intensity, illuminance, luminous flux (full) t), it is difficult to have the provisions of the CIE (V (A)" of the photoreceptor response spectrum completely consistent. For example, the light illumination for side (side light), corrected light illumination value can be limited to the side light, and the light receiving device scaling correction using a light source with similar spectral distribution of light sent (same color side t). In order to correctly evaluate the spectral distribution of different light, as the object of meditation side light side amount (relative) spectral distribution, through the measurement of the light of light side amount (relative) spectral response, and then calculate the correction coefficient (color correction factor), for measuring value correction. The calculation method of the color correction coefficient in the light side is as follows. When the spectral distribution of lateral bulbs and standard light bulb (temperature distribution) and determine the color correction coefficient K is very important. In the same way, there is no exception to the side light, which is used to measure the light intensity, light flux, etc.. The correction required for fluorescent lamp or discharge lamp side light is as follows:

In the formula, 1 is the intensity of the side light source, and the other is the light intensity of the standard light source. The light source is measured by the light source (side light), and the 1 is the standard light sent by the light (side light) reading ()

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