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Standard for spectral distribution

If the radiation source has an empty structure (blackbody), the spectral distribution of the spectral radiance can be obtained by the measured value of the radiation temperature and the calculated value of the Planck formula. However, it is very difficult to measure the radiation temperature if the radiation temperature can't be measured correctly. Moreover, when the fixed point blackbody furnace with temperature is fixed, the 1084.62 point of the copper point is the highest, which is distributed in the short wavelength region of visible light. In addition, the freezing point temperature is only about 7 minutes, it is difficult to measure the wavelength range in this time. National Institute of standards as a standard unit of temperature, the use of more than 3000K high temperature blackbody furnace as a primary standard for spectral distribution.

However, ordinary users do not need to use this standard when they are on a regular basis. Relatively easy to use the standard of spectral irradiance, is a standard set by the industrial technology research institute through a fixed point blackbody furnace a high temperature blackbody furnace to standard radiation source, and continuous improvement. This standard is achieved by using a specially made Australian bulb.

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