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The principle of measuring light distribution

The light intensity distribution in each direction is called light distribution. The side of the light distribution as shown in Figure 1.26, by the light device (for example, the light part of the illuminance) around the light source and the amount of illumination side, and then the law of inverse distance squared conversion of light intensity can be. Note: the amount of side light is 10 times more than the maximum size of the light source and the smooth surface.

Color correction coefficient for red and blue light.

Below the LLX illumination, the sensitivity of the general illuminance meter may be insufficient.

The principle of the measurement of light distribution

The size of the object by the side, the size of the darkroom to determine the style of light distribution device, such as to the side of the ordinary lighting lamps can reach the radius of 5m, this device can only have some specific institutions. If you want to make the side of the light gauge! Please refer to [18].

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