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The first principle of the total light flux

The total amount of light emitted from the light source in all directions is called full flux. Method for measuring luminous flux -- Method for measuring spherical luminous flux or method for measuring light. The following is a method for the use of a spherical luminous flux meter for daily use of side light. The structure of the spherical flux meter is shown in figure 1.27. The shell is known as the integration of the ball of metal spheres, diameter and the size of the object side, often used is 50cm to 3m. The inside of the spherical surface is coated with barium sulfate white paint so as to achieve the purpose of diffusing reflection. In one part of the spherical surface in order to install the light and open a window in here to install the illuminance meter light receiving part. Inside mounting of the light source, in order to avoid direct sunlight to the light emitted from the light receiving device and a light shielding plate.

The first principle of the total light flux

Following the principle of spherical light flux meter measuring luminous flux: integrating sphere inner surface illumination and internal light source (for example, regardless of what is the shape of the light source) is proportional to the total flux. "Now, assuming a known light source for optical flux measurement, the light source illumination meter reading, in addition, the light flux for all-optical sample hypothesis towel ~, measuring the light source illumination meter reading is E?, according to the above principle can be listed as follows:

In actual measurement, it is necessary to modify the color error and the error caused by self absorption.

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