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Chroma measurement with a color luminance meter

The tristimulus value color luminance meter and the direct radiation (brightness) meter accuracy are shown in table 1.4, it is based on the various color standard light source and colored glass filter are combined to form a light as the object, and the spectral radiation measurement error evaluation finally direct color luminance meter with the tristimulus value, color coordinate color luminance meter and some in the second digit bias, spectral radiometer can reach the deviation in the third digit level, precision difference of about 10 times.

For the stimulus straightness, the following color luminance meter is recommended

The without modification can be used as follows: side attaches great importance to the absolute accuracy of the amount of difference (public, with the lateral capacity to evaluate the chromaticity coordinates with qualified products compared to determine whether the.

The color deviation of side surface light source and cylindrical light source.

The deviation of the measurement direction

The color change caused by the sample temperature

Need to correct the situation and methods: samples, papers, etc. to be published, the color side of the accuracy is very important, need to be amended. The correction of chromaticity coordinates must be corrected. Calibration of the standard sample, the value of the three stimulus (or brightness and chromaticity coordinates).

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