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Luminance side of a strong light

The LED of the lens is very strong, it is difficult to carry the side of the side light. The above is not affected by the photometric distance, and the brightness of the meter can be directly discussed, as shown in Figure 1.23, is based on the brightness of the lens is only determined by the opening angle of the average brightness of the premise of the response. When the directivity is very strong, the value will be changed when the average brightness of the different measuring range is measured. The opening angle of different types of luminance meter is different, even if the setting distance is the same, the result will be different because of different types. There are two solutions to this problem.

The basic principle of luminance meter measuring point is used as the light source is small, considering the measurement in this bright and dark when, have ready-made models in the optical system under the terms of the pursuit of equality of Kung Fu, sensitivity, can be used to side amount.

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