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The power of light: light light the world (two)

I am engaged in urban and architectural design, so the habit of cutting from the perspective of the city. In the last few decades, the space between people has changed a lot. From Venice to the south of China, people in the old alley space is very simple. Strangers meet, may also be a few greetings and acquaintances. Today, the scale of the city is infinitely enlarged, the emergence of a large square, it seems to be able to accommodate a lot of people, but the people around the feeling is not the same, not necessarily a conversation.

The power of light

So the change of place will affect the invisible network between people. I want to take this relationship to be reflected, the mechanism is actually very easy to find in the nature of this relationship, this is a prototype of root Ditan Park under the stem and stem girth into mesh space is complicated and difficult to deal with. To enlarge this form, you can provide people with different types of space, feel the new relationship network".

For the audience, there is no deep theory of space, the audience can see the work, you can also work as a background, gathered around them to chat, enough.

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