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Brandenburger Tor, Berlin: peace, environment and future (two)

The lighting design consists of two parts: Part One introduces the Japanese culture, designers use cast light Berlin "Hokusai review" show picture according to in the Brandenburger Tor; the second part shows the famous landmarks in Germany, written in 48 languages from the source of "peace" two words. Orchestral and light show. As the environment and the future is the theme of this exhibition, so part of Brandenburger Tor lighting energy from renewable energy.

Berlin Brandenburger Tor

Energy, developed by Japan's Panasonic Corp, life innovation container provides. The solar panel at the top of the container effectively converts solar energy into the energy needed for this temporary event. Very narrow beam LED light is used to illuminate the Brandenburger Tor on his chariot. The light that illuminates the tank also uses the solar energy supplied by the Panasonic container.


Contact: mack

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