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"Wish" theme lighting device

When we were young, we wrote our wishes on paper and put them in the bottle. Seeing it disappear into the distance, we believe that one day, someone will pick up the bottle open, you will see the address above, write to us, and a small wish will become a reality. From 2009, the British Caiting lighting design firm Diesel Cooperation (LDPi) started funding some mountain children and teachers, every year at the Shanghai giraffe International Children's English school, hope they can narrow the distance between city and more, I hope the children through a month in the international academic life, self-confidence to tell everybody loudly people in their hearts desire.

"Wish" theme lighting device

This thing works, it included 600 children, including one from Shanghai giraffe International Children's school gate and Liuba County of Shaanxi province stonecompletely primary school students. Every child's wish is beautiful, pure. I hope this piece of work like a shimmering light, illuminating our adult world and mind, let us remember: once they have the desire to achieve one or have been forgotten......


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