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Lighting device Bremen Museum

American Lighting artist James Shi - Trier (James

Turrell) once Bremen Museum designed a lighting device. This is known as "a device with a" extraordinary experience for tourists. The device occupies three floors of the three building, located in the "light room" of the three buildings, and each of the three rooms is above the other. These rooms can stand by a series of glass are connected with each other, with color LED lighting.

Lighting device Bremen Museum

The first layer is placed a piece of black marble, inlaid with tiny spots of the small lamp. From the first floor to see, the little spot formed the Museum of art is located in the side of the sky, just slightly north of the New Zealand position in July 23, 1963, on the night of the image, it is art museum re opened the day after the second world war. The two floor of an oval open space, visitors can see the Bremen star. People seem to be in the center of the earth and enjoy the night sky on both sides of the earth.


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