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Tangshan Wanda Plaza commercial media facade

Wanda Group is China's most outstanding commercial real estate developers, each Wanda Commercial Union is almost the center of the city. The complexity of the project is that the types of LED lamps used are 6, 7, only LED point light source up to 350 thousand points. It is necessary to combine the various factors, such as the characteristics of light efficiency, the density of pixels, the ability of graphic expression and the characteristics of building structure, in order to play their respective advantages, and to show the unity and coordination of the media.

Four large scale structure of the glass curtain wall door external involute mosaic pattern plate, a plane in three-dimensional modelling, and in the inner layer glass curtain uniform spacing of 80mm LED point light source 56000, 200 rows and 280 columns, can clearly show the dynamic pattern. LED point light source screen commercial podium 70m long, can be full of vivid expression of dynamic motion graphics.

Tangshan Wanda Plaza commercial media facade

For the front of the 4 Towers large color, low pixel structure, the use of stable, clear map of the performance of the case.

In view of the media facade design of this project, mainly from the perspective of the material function of the building. In the door are local color of Tangshan shadow, clay, rose and other elements, showing a strong local culture; to promote the use of text and Wanda set close stereo flower growth process and a series of lively and vivid animation in the commercial foundation concept, spirit and vigorous development momentum; and the 4 towers by pixel density limit then, using silhouettes, gradient color, program elements such as concise animation performance.

In short, the whole idea will be a combination of regional culture and corporate culture, the combination of tradition and fashion.


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