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Chicago Museum of science and industry (three)

When a visitor casts a shadow on the console, the shape of the shadow will be simulated and displayed on the big screen, and everyone can see it.

Another exhibition, "daylight", further shows the scientific principles of light and color. They place an automatic solar reflective device on the roof, which follows the sun and reflects sunlight into the room. In the room, people can use the light to do a variety of experiments, such as the use of a shuttle to create a colorful rainbow color, thus reproducing Newton (Isaac Newton) prism experiment.

The Focus Lighting uses a powerful all - spectrum light source to modify the spotlight 's exaggerated effect, which can be used instead of sunlight at night or cloudy. The team also presented the idea of a blue "packaging", 2415.5m2's "science storm" exhibition all covered with a hazy blue light, an impressive, independently displayed experiment to get a uniform.

The large exhibition uses stage lighting, when visitors stand in front of the console, manipulating a 12.2m high vapor swirl cylinder and light, they can experience the tornado caused by force. A Tesla coil reduction effect by the yellow light Lightning flashes and thunder rumbles., lit, so that the copper coil protruding from the ceiling in a dark blue background. The high 18.3m light from the ground passes through a liquid filled large disk, projecting a ripple pattern on the ground, allowing visitors to explore the dynamics of liquid waves.

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