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Lorenzo Lotto Exhibition: new lighting concept opens up a new road (three)

For the lighting industry, the introduction of the true 3-D 3-D movie or TV as important. It allows us to perceive art differently in the way that the artist is aware of what he is painting. Lighting designers will be faced with the task of lighting the artist's pen on the canvas and imagining the emotion and the picture. Art in order to obtain a new component one it becomes more vivid image.

Lorenzo Lotto Exhibition

Rome Lorenzo Lotto opened a new exhibition lighting lighting quality. Empathy is considered to be the foundation of many social sciences, such as criminology, psychology, physiology, education, philosophy, psychiatry, and management and marketing. It has been applied to the field of painting lighting...

... In this way, Consulines provides illumination for the paintings, which allows the observer to think and make them feel as if he is a painter and a figure in the painting.

Neural aesthetics is a new field of study in which lighting is considered to be of great significance. To this day, or for a long time, the phenomena we discussed above have aroused the interest of artists and scientists, but they have been studied separately from different angles.

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