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The only realistic painting Museum in Japan: the Hoki Museum in Chiba (two)

Professional lighting design team SLDA insisted on quality (color), many aspects of quantity and budget for the evaluation of the scheme and, even designed to compare quality of LED lamps and halogen lamps and lighting effect with a model. Both the owners and the artists took part in the model experiment and evaluated the final results together. After careful analysis, we finalized all the lighting are using LED.

The gallery's lighting was placed in a randomly arranged hole in the ceiling, designed to create the same effect as the Milky way. All electrical equipment, including air conditioning, is placed in the ceiling. The lighting designer uses a diameter 64mm hole. Opening holes in the ceiling, it seems that there is a sense of technology, is actually a design element. The visitors responded positively to the backlighting, even though all the holes in the space were swept together and thrown into the ceiling. But the hole in the Hoki museum is not really for the spotlight, but it's actually a series of carefully designed holes that just happen to meet the needs of lighting.

Chiba Hoki Museum (two)

The basement is a completely different floor space, the basement of the collection of the museum's most precious works. By focusing the light on the paintings, a series of bright surfaces are added to the gallery, and the light on the ground makes the boundaries clear.

The Hoki museum is a perfect combination of architecture, art, electrical lighting, and natural light, creating a unique constellation of stars that are successfully integrated in a variety of galleries in a variety of ways.

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