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Kauffman performing arts center, Kansas, USA (1)

Kauffman Center for the performing arts is undoubtedly Kansas thick and heavy in colours a pen, have the highest level of the central hall and performing arts theater, the hall was covered with glass periphery. In addition to the beauty of the outdoor performances, as well as the office, rehearsal room, warm room and locker room.

The architecture and the lights shine together to create an exciting atmosphere. Lam Partners company with the help of the local lighting designer Derek Porter studio designed an abstract lighting effects, so that architectural style from the light show. The exterior of the building is treated with the same light, vividly showing the shape and material of the building.

Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts in Kansas

Herzberg's hall with 1600 seats, is the Kansas State Symphony Orchestra of the home, for different events provide customizable sound effects and mechanical lifting table. The ceiling relief is highlighted from the wall by dramatic lighting effects and the separated PAR38IR lighting. All the lights are on the ceiling.

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