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Kauffman Center for performing arts, Kansas (three)

The gallery outside the performing hall takes advantage of the MR 16IR lens lighting and pinhole lighting. The elaborate test produced the effect of the plan - a carpet of reflected light created the effect of color washing. All lights are controlled by a dimming system that is divided into 39 small areas. In the evening, from the outer wall, the glass seemed to have disappeared, and the hall was lit up.

On the south side of the building, there are 27 steel ropes fixed in concrete to support the glass wall. Good glare control ceramic metal halide lamp light cable and eaves, lights on the roof of the lane, each rope corresponds to a roadside LED lamp, when the light ceramic metal halide lamp every door of the MR 16IR balance ring to illuminate the sidewalk, and the ceramic metal halide lamp can illuminate each entrance.

Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts in Kansas

The performance of the hall is curved with concrete and silver stainless steel, which is protected against acid erosion, and in the north side of the wall, the wall is covered with a light on the opposite wall. Hidden fluorescent lamps provide other lighting to the street.

Carefully placed in the grass of the ceramic gold halogen spotlight to both sides of the building shape provides a soft and quiet lighting, resulting in a unique corrugated appearance.

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