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Steve talk about hotel lighting design in second Century (two)

Las Vegas

In twentieth Century, in the hotel lighting design development is relatively slow, but there was a cause of changes in the hotel lighting design, because the United States at the time of the casino, including the introduction of some capital, such as the United States of Las Vegas, in order to attract more people into the casino, consider the design of lighting in Wailimian, plus some signs, let more people to the casino inside, this will form a kind of arms race, all vying for the hotel facade design. At this time, our lighting is not only to meet the needs of the general space lighting, the entire lighting design, like the equation, becomes very complex, whether it is for the owners, designers.

Hotel lighting in twentieth Century to twenty-first Century will change trend where, what will happen? Ten years ago STEVE was involved in the design of The Crown Inn Melbourne Lighting Center, so far is Australia's largest hotel and entertainment center. It is a very large complex, in which the entire complex entertainment center, there are three luxury hotels, two hot springs, there is a comprehensive casino, in addition to the ballroom, there are some important events gathered, in addition to a conference center, high-end restaurants, retail stores, and bars, nightclubs, cinema and so on.

STEVE said, the hotel lighting design after twentieth Century, because of being very complex, we must consider many factors, such as energy saving, general lighting space, building facades, theaters, entertainment centers, casinos, nightclubs, and the whole retail stores, including the night landscape and so on, so that the complex design projects to many parties to complete, interior designers, lighting designers, landscape designers and so on. In nineteenth Century the retail center and hotel and Moderno Hotel landscape contrast, can draw the obvious conclusion, is now the hotel lighting design is the pursuit of the bigger picture, not only is the hotel itself, but also into the hotel facade and night and many other factors.

STEVE believes that in the rest of the century, we will always be the energy saving as a very important topic for our future, it can be said that even the energy saving should also be a very important trend in the future. This energy saving requirements will be higher and higher, Australia requires an energy saving standards, about 2% to about 3%, he believes that most countries will do so in the future. In addition to the energy-saving control system, but also includes changes in the light source. In fact, no matter how the lighting changes, how technology development, natural light will always be with us, because natural light is our and all living things on earth has been very dependent on the light source.

It is because of the sun, which has made our art, science, religion, including philosophy has been developed since ancient times. Daylight is free, this is the biggest advantage, do not need to spend any money. But there was no daylight at night, and we had no control over the seasons and the weather. But we have the ability to control the development of daylight, for example, to open the skylight, the use of technology to sunlight into the interior of the building, which is a viable technology.

In addition, STEVE also talked about the technology of OLED, may now be more mature, it may become the mainstream of the future light source, but now limited to the cost problem. OLED can become very thin, so you can make a lot of different things. It is because it is very thin, so it can adapt to different types of use, so the use of the future is full of infinite possibilities.

LED and OLED development technology, in fact, become very simple, you can throw away some of the previous things, you can use a completely new technology, they are very forward-looking technology.

He showed a picture to the audience, is a reflection of the plastic cover in the picture, when charging will be bright. In fact, our previous light plastic concept is just lamp as the light source, but the plastic light-emitting products, can be made into any home furniture shape, and light, and can be used as items, you can according to your imagination to make furniture shape you want, no problem. In fact, lighting can effectively become invisible, it is not a single lamp or light source. We do not understand the achievement of light is a light, in fact, it can be turned into another art through art, through the effect of lighting to make this feeling.

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