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MAEL ROY: light is the second layer of the skin of the building

Design concept: appropriate lighting

MAEL ROY as the lighting designer has many years of experience, mainly responsible for project design in the field of architectural art of lighting: French "Pariz Hotel", "Palace", "Palace", "Georgian presidential palace" and "bridge of peace"; in the great light show and stage lighting design for many fields, France Dior group, Chanel group, Paris fashion show, the Beatles and the French major opera stage light show, and the Shanghai Oriental Pearl TV Tower Music light show.

For the design concept, he told reporters that the idea is "appropriate lighting", that is my idea into the most appropriate lighting. The accumulation of experience may not change but it will help me to improve my lighting design. In fact, the design itself contains development, emancipating the mind and the courage to question the basic values of the practice of the industry. If we want to continue to create quality works, we must keep learning, developing and questioning to keep innovation. To innovate means to never stop looking for new ideas. The accumulation of experience is the basis of professional ability, but it is not the end. "

The second layers of skin

The relationship about building and lighting, as a lighting designer MAEL ROY of France, believes that architecture is the architectural space and structure creation, it combines the form in the foundation to meet the needs of users, bring comfortable life and visual art elements. The light is a light object, and it has few independent purposes. When a place needs to be displayed or the natural light is not enough, it will work. When building designers have no other purpose, lighting designers are at least supportive.

The collision between the building and the light is based on mutual respect, and the lights show the building in a new light. Lights become the second layer of the skin of the building, the technical details can be seen during the day can be hidden in the night. On the contrary, the most artistic part can be sublimated in the night. Through the interpretation of the art of lighting designers, lighting has become a continuation of the building. Architectural design and lighting design is very simple to share and respect the relationship between their own ideas.

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