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MAEL ROY: all buildings are likely to be the carrier of the show

All buildings are likely to be the carrier of the show

In the light show, MAEL ROY also has very high attainments in stage lighting, architectural lighting show, when a reporter asked how the building is most suitable for "deduction" light show, he replied: "all the buildings are likely to become the carrier of light show, compared with the old buildings due to its masonry memories and stories in the light show, a perfect combination of creation. Modern architecture is the window to show innovation, but also very suitable for light show. I don't think it's the building itself that decides whether it's suitable for the light show, but whether we want to show it through a light show. "

At the same time, he also revealed that he has a lot of projects are dynamic lighting or at least controllable lighting. The light show can be a normal mode or just a holiday and special occasions. Currently, he is working on several projects to show the light show.

Light abuse

Deprived of the possibility of artistic play

The lights show almost every year in different countries and regions, and in some areas of the light show, the colorful lights are very common. For light pollution, MAEL ROY think it is very common in china. "The light has been misused, and every new lighting project forms a light bid. Everyone wants to be the most eye-catching, so they will use a higher brightness than the surrounding. The base of the light is greatly raised, which damages the comfort of residents and passers-by, but also limits the design concept of a little dark and delicate. Shadow and light, but also a project in the same art as light. Light pollution usually deprives the possibility of this art. "

He laments that the color can create a contrast effect, stimulate emotions, you can highlight the material. Each color has a strong representation, when necessary. With different colors because of its delicate and become a very risky course, need to experience and explore a lot. In China, the color is often used in the ever-changing rainbow programming, the only purpose is eye-catching. The public is submerged in the meaningless color of the world, the emotion is not a touch.

Finally, he concluded, "I don't think there is a basic way to illuminate the building. Each building has its own characteristics, each designer has his own artistic perspective. The design of every building has infinite possibilities, and our job is to find a way that seems to us to be the most appropriate. However, I would like to say that the best way to do this is to rely on the objective and subjective analysis of the building and the best use of it. "

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