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LED street light decay

LED interface temperature is quite high, in the street lamp for a long time to work, if the cooling module can not effectively heat dissipation, it will affect the LED service life and luminous performance.

The key problem lies in the LED street light temperature, but LED lights usually lost in this link. LED lamp as the light emitting power is higher than domestic lamps, so manufacturers in the design of the cooling fins, the heat dissipation module on the substrate take pains, assembled in the outside heat dissipation module, and paint protection to prevent climate erosion. This painting is only the external protection of heat radiating module and the letter back, caused by poor cooling resulted in LED epitaxial decay.

LED street light decay

Concentrated heat LED epitaxial luminous energy belongs to a small range, in the application of high power lamp, power input power is large, the interface temperature of LED is very high, in the street work for a long time, if not effective heat dissipation module, it will affect the service life of the LED and luminous performance, like the current LED lamp is serious decay is caused by these factors.

LED street lamp is used in the outdoors, there are environmental factors of the climate, so most of the manufacturers will be LED street lamp radiator shell to protect the anode, or spray paint, in order to avoid the erosion of acid and alkali substances. Anodic treatment of life is not long, the time is slightly long or if you want to remove discoloration, heavy, not only time-consuming work will increase maintenance costs; paint protection low cost protection effect is good, but generally no paint cooling function, body paint itself will form a barrier for use, is to increase the thermal resistance equal to LED street lamp radiator, not only help, but because of the heat sealed inside the radiator, let LED light power down, and finally lead to serious decay.

The above has been a serious problem in the presence of LED lighting industry, is currently the main cause of public works LED street lamps can not successfully passed the acceptance of the procurement unit.

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